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Hotel Council SF's 4th annual Women in Leadership Forum

Let's talk about leadership and the new exciting paradigm that is upon us! 


Energetic, Fun, Engaging and daring to tackle even the hardest questions to be asked, Carmen's delivery is genuine, fresh and impactful. Drawing from her long

career personal experiences and her own evolutionary consciousness journey, her storytelling will inspire action, provoke new conversations and create deep human connections. 

Let's start a new conversation!

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Diversity Women’s Business Leadership Conference attracts women business leaders of all races, cultures and backgrounds from the world’s largest corporations and entrepreneurs from successful women- owned businesses. Recognized as the premier women’s leadership conference for racial, ethnic and gender diversity...



2021 Thought Leadership series:

"Science, tech, Energy and the evolving Universe: Birthing the future of leadership" 

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Spring 2020: Seven accomplished healing artists offer you simple, effective and inspiring methods to reduce fear and increase your sense of well-being. 


"Using vibrational Energy to ignite Passion and enhance fulfillment in your life"


"Passion, Purpose and Creativity - a defining influence for the business leaders of the future"

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