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YES!, My love for hotels started my business career path in European 5 star, 5 Diamond boutique hotels. A very strong innate business sense, paired with a unique and creative leadership style led me to a very rapid path to success, and, by my late twenties, I was holding a Sr. Executive position becoming one of the youngest new hotel leaders to watch in Barcelona. 


Although I had “checked the box” for what success was supposed to mean, it kept me thinking instead: So, this is it? Now what? The “All about me” concept clearly didn’t work for me!


So, I quit my high paying job, left my beloved family, country and everything I knew to start a new journey in a foreign place… And the path for finding a deeper meaning and a higher purpose for my work was born!


By the year 2000, I found myself living in San Francisco, attending Berkeley and achieving one of my early professional dreams, joining the Hilton brand!


Since then, I’ve travelled the country and successfully managed from small luxury properties up to 2,000 room hotels, leading teams as little as 45 people all the way to well over 500.

Along the way, I achieved new records on financial performance, service scores, operational and product innovation, employee satisfaction and career development. I set up brand new standard operating procedures for huge corporations and opened the door to the future of sleep in hotels, pioneering the introduction of Sleep Fitness and “Smart beds” in the industry. 


THE KEY to breaking business molds and setting new performance highs? 

UNDERSTANDING AND ENHANCING OUR HUMAN POTENTIAL.  Removing limiting beliefs and allowing the creative genius in my teams to flourish.


The key is always PEOPLE!  The process starts with Passion!  And the 1st step ALWAYS starts WITH YOU!! 

Today, I want to ignite your Passion, fire up your Purpose and unleash your Creativity, as I share with you what I’ve learned and HELP YOU SUCCEED!


Individual or company, hotelier or not, whatever stage of evolution you find yourself in,  I’m here to help you tap into your greatness and remove any limiting beliefs or obstacles you have encountered so you can exponentially increase your performance and, most importantly, live your most fulfilled life! 


If any of this resonates with you, I’d love to connect and see how can I be of service to You, Your company or Your team. Let’s SET UP YOUR NEW HIGH together! 


With Passion and Purpose!


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