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Leaders Rise Up. Leaders Breakthrough.

All life is ever changing, growing, becoming… evolving.

It is in times of great transition that we often find a greater meaning, a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here. And often times too, it is through the understanding of the lowest and darkest moments of great change, the suffering, that a Leader will rise up and breakthrough to bring forward a new paradigm that will become a new chapter in our Human experience.

Who would have told me when I started writing this, that in just a mere few months we would be experiencing this enormous collective suffering—this collective dark moment—that will forever change us and our world. But I guess we were so asleep that only a catastrophe of this magnitude could make us all stop together, feel together, work together, and experience life together.

It seems to me that concepts like empathy, compassion, connection and belonging were just adjectives in a life that didn’t belong anywhere, formed by nobody and everyone at the same time. We were fractions, living in isolation, in our isles of race, wealth, judgement and geographical location. We were dreaming, floating in the numbness of our human castles looking down at “the other” like they were far away, although “they” were truly here, interconnected with us, breathing the same air, using the same space, our collective space. Did we notice?

And then, there it was, here it is—an event as big as our human race—affecting us all for the first time, stopping us all in unison for the first time, and bringing us all to our knees, reminding us through a brutal reality of a Universal truth: we are not separate—we never were—we are all connected and interconnected. What is in the one is in the whole. Can you now see it?

For the first time, this invisible, incredible force of a virus, is making us look at the other, even when we don’t want to, even when we think we can’t. And in that moment, when we no longer can avoid the reality of it all, we finally surrender. We surrender to the fact that there is something bigger than ourselves that we cannot control, we surrender to the power of the present and the uncertainty of our future… We surrender. 

And it is in the surrendering that we can find the light that will get us through this cycle, that can transform us as we rise up and breakthrough to bring forward that new paradigm that will become the next chapter in our Human experience. 

As we sit with this reality, it is my hope we can all find a higher meaning and a higher purpose for this experience. It is also my hope we can find a new beginning through a higher understanding and appreciation of our most precious gifts, our life, our planet and our human condition.

The time has come, sooner than I expected, to be calling out the strength in all of us; to be calling out the silent leader that lies hidden in some; and the loud one that is already wide open and ready to light the path for others. Which one are you? Does it really matter?

It does not matter to me because it is not in the how we got to be a leader, but in the Why we are leaders that we find our answers. And it is not leading through the coldness and the cloudiness of the analytical mind, but from the warmth and Higher Wisdom of the heart that we’ll write our brightest future into being.

I believe through this horrific collective experience we are finally learning some powerful lessons: that it is not through competition but through collaboration, that is not through separation but through connection, and that is not through otherness but through togetherness, that we’ll thrive! And thrive we will!

So my question is, what will we do with this new understanding?

Rise up! Breakthrough! Now is the time to rewrite our story, to learn from our mistakes and begin a new journey together. Will you join me? 

To all of you brave and strong visionary leaders that are opening your hearts and awakening your minds, until we talk again…

InSpire. Co-create. Evolve. Express!. There is nobody else like You, and there will never be a moment like this!

With Passion and Purpose!



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